Morgaine Timms

I’m an infosec nerd, security engineer, penetration tester, CTFer, and former software engineer. Oh, and I’m working on my OSCP.

I sometimes write security-focused software, blog posts, and CTF writeups for challenges I solved.

Here are a few of the most recent:

AngstromCTF2019: No Sequels 1 && 2
MongoDB query selectors and blind injection

PlaidCTF2019: Can You Guess Me
Code injection in a simple python application

AngstromCTF2019: One Bite
XOR of a byte-wise XOR

AngstromCTF2019: Paper Bin
Hexeditors can be very useful


Email: ‘morgaine @ [this-domain]’
Github: Sh3r4
LinkedIN: Morgaine

Infosec Experience

Developer Experience