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Morgaine Timms

I am an infosec nerd, and a former software engineer who turned to the dark side.

I am currently an operational security officer at an exam delivery company which houses high security data throughout the world.

Security Tools I’ve Made

  • easyphrase

    easyphrase is a simple password generator to make generating strong passwords easier. Check it out

  • vcheck

    vcheck is a tool to download vulnerability feeds, normalise their content, and search against a watchlist. I fin it very useful, but it isn’t quite ready, but should be soon.

Infosec Experience

  • corporate incident response
  • log analysis and threat hunting
  • creating and leading training programmes
    • basic corporate security awareness programme
    • developer specific application security programme
  • ISO 27002/27001 compliance
    • writing policy
    • writing procedure
  • SIEM setup and ongoing management
  • IDS setup and ongoing management
  • threat surface analysis using OSINT
  • vulnerability assessment
  • application security auditing

Developer Experience

  • C#
    • WPF Desktop Applications
    • sharepoint applications
  • powershell scripting
  • bash scripting
  • typeScript / javaScript
    • web-based code editor
    • custom code completion engine
  • python
    • academic test delivery platform
    • psychology/neurology study data collection
  • SQL
    • complex data migrations
    • data investigations on unclean datasets